Dry Syrup

Often the Pharmaceutical manufacturing the syrups are produced in dried form. Mainly because the ingredients that are contained in the syrup can get degradation in the liquid form. Hence, Pharmaceutical companies produce syrups in a dried form. Typically most children’s antibiotics are manufactured in these forms.

So, what exactly is a dry syrup? How Does Dry Syrup Manufacturing work? And what is the procedure involved in manufacturing it? If you are eager to learn about these questions, then keep reading this article. This article will vent into the subject of dry syrup and everything that you want to know.

What is Dry Syrup?

Dry syrups are medicine that can be found in a powdered form. In order to administer these medications, the powdery content of the medicines needs to be dissolved into the water. In comparison with other types of medications, dry syrups are considered to be the best antibiotic medicines when it comes to children.

How Does It Work?

One thing is mandatory to comply with during Dry Syrup Manufacturing; All the ingredients should have a uniform concentration in the mixture. This prevents the possibility of the non-homogeneous mixture when the product is reconstructed or mixed with soluble, reducing any adverse effects that might be inflicted by the non-homogeneous mixture. Here are a few items that can be found in every dry syrup.

  • Excipients
  • Granule Disintegrates
  • Granule Binder
  • Powder Blends

Each of these items plays a pivotal role for the medicine to work and fulfill its requirements. Excipients keep the active ingredients of the medicine stable for a more extended period; however, the type of excipients varies according to the reconstitution requirements and the powder type. On the other hand, Granule Disintegrates keeps the particles of the dry Syrup intact to ensure its effectiveness. Last but not least, the Granule Binder ensures the cohesiveness of the mixture.

Manufacturing Process of Dry Syrups

In order to manufacture dry syrup, the Dry Syrup Manufacturing Company has to follow specific steps. These steps are carried out by experienced professionals under strict supervision and with utmost care. Here is a comprehensive elaboration of those Dry Syrup Manufacturing stages,

Stage 1: The process involves all the ingredients to be mixed with primary excipients that help in dispersion.

Stage 2: afterward, the remaining excipients are mixed with the overall ingredients. At this very step, other heat-resistant excipients such as flavors are added to the ingredients or the powder in order to prevent the mixture from getting exposed to intense temperature.

Stage 3: in this stage, the mixture is packed by using the appropriate filling and sealing machines. The packaging should prevent the mixture from getting exposed to any elements and should also allow the practitioner to mix it well before using it. Once the packaging is done, the products are forwarded to the labeling.

Stage 4: in this stage, the dry syrups are labeled with appropriate labels and are ready to make available in the market.


Dry Syrup Manufacturing Company runs all the quality testing and other examinations to test its effectiveness throughout the process. It ensures the safety and quality of the dry syrup enabling it to be administered to patients.