Food Bloggers

I would love to have any secrets to the art of blogging or tricks to give away, but the reality is food blogging is hard to do. I receive questions concerning the subject quite often so I decided to gather my top tips for food bloggers and came up with a total of twenty. It is more likely that you will build a successful food blog by following these tips.

  1. Be authentic.

Post about things you enjoy and make the best possible content.

  1. Don’t give up.

Growth on your blog is slow at first, but it grows in momentum with time as long as you remain with it and try your best.

  1. Original content that you post.

If your visitors are impressed by your work and they are impressed, they will come to you to see more.

  1. Express yourself!

The enthusiasm of people around you is and can be infectious, so don’t feel scared to display it. One of the best aspects of blogging is the ability to meet people who are in love with your passion like, for instance, avocado toast.

  1. Begin to make friends and assist one another.

Also, connect! Develop friendships and connect with bloggers who have interests similar to yours. Write thoughtful comments to their blog posts, interact and interact with them via social media, and advertise their blog posts.

  1. Make yourself available.

Be attentive and active on social media in the best way you can.

  1. Make sure that your site’s design is neat and simple to navigate.

The clutter can detract from the content.

  1. It should be easy for readers to read your blog.

Embody hyperlinks to RSS/e mail subscriptions in addition to social networks prominently displayed on each web page.

  1. Make it straightforward for readers to remark in your weblog.

It is simple to go away feedback on yours.

There are no CAPTCHAs or logins required Do not use logins or CAPTCHAs, please. Find an opportunity to let your visitors know that you value their comments via email, whether it’s sending them privately, responding to their comments publicly or even posting comments on their blog.

  1. Make it simple for your audience to use the content you’ve created.

Add social media buttons to share your content at the end of every post. Thank others when they endorse your work.

  1. Share amazing recipes just for you.

It’s not ideal for visitors to put their time and effort into a recipe only to end with a disappointing experience, do you? It’s better to let your blog be quiet for a few days, rather than to share a recipe you cannot trust.

  1. Cite your sources.

Always. Don’t do it: copying recipes exactly, sharing photos of bloggers’ without permission. Amazing Original recipes and sharing the sources of your source of inspiration, or connecting to other resources related to the subject.

  1. Don’t make it a point to sell out.

It’s not that I’m saying you shouldn’t earn money through blogs, but do not join an organization or brand that doesn’t own. You are the brand that you run. Make sure you are producing the top content and building your followers and the opportunities will open up.

  1. Post frequently.

It doesn’t matter if it’s every day at least once per week, or even once every other week Don’t let your blog appear uninterested.

  1. Register your domain.

If you’re looking for your website to get seen seriously, then make it happen. You can purchase domain names for less than $20 per year via GoDaddy (affiliate link).

  1. Create a Self-hosted WordPress blog.

This is if you’d like total control over your website’s design and content and ample space to expand. If you’re not sure how to go about doing these things you can pay someone to take care of it or gift your fanatic friend with homemade treats until he’s ready to accept. Learn step-by-step instructions (and food blogs’ design and web hosting advice) right here.

  1. Learn more about SEO for search engines.

SEO isn’t magic, it’s about making quality content easily accessible. It’s crucial to know and apply the fundamentals. Here’s Google’s SEO beginner guide [PDFIt’s important to understand the basics of SEO.

  1. Send your recipes to sites for recipe submission.

If you’re just beginning the submission websites can be a great source of new viewers. Recently, I’ve sent my articles for submission to Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Tasteologie and Finding Vegan (when appropriate). Keep the text file with the details of your submission, so it’s simple to copy and paste it into each site. If your image gets rejected on the first go you can edit it or select another photo to submit. Don’t forget to share your new recipes on Pinterest also!

  1. Learn how to capture delicious photographs.

People are more likely to cook, eat sharing and pin your recipes if they are displayed with attractive photos. Get my tips for food photography and equipment suggestions here.

  1. Do as your mother said to you.

It’s a given Be nice Be thoughtful, considerate, and be humble. Do your best and work hard.