Invisalign Hacks

Most individuals would say that Invisalign Braces treatment is a stroll in the park compared to conventional braces. It is quite pleasant and does not force you to live with a “wired mouth.” However, any orthodontic procedure involving the movement and repositioning of teeth would always include difficulties and pain.

This article can assist you if you have just received your Invisalign aligners and are wondering how to eliminate some of the difficulties related to them. We have selected the most useful Invisalign hacks to assist you to have a better experience and get better outcomes. Want to know about Invisalign cost Surrey? Get in touch with us today!

The Most Effective Invisalign Hacks:

When You Sit For Dinner, Clean Your Trays

Since dentists suggest that you wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day, the time you spend without them is important for two reasons: eating and cleaning the trays. Since you cannot wear your aligners while eating, it seems sensible to soak the trays in a cleaning solution during supper.

You may clean your aligners by soaking them in a denture cleanser or a diluted mouthwash that is not coloured. If you use coloured mouthwash, your aligners will get discoloured. Leave the aligners in for about five minutes, and then remove them. If you do this twice every week, your trays will remain fresh for a very long time!

Establish A Timer

Utilise the timer on your smartphone to send yourself an annoying reminder to reinsert your aligners. Forgetting to replace them will impede your progress towards straight, attractive teeth. The first few weeks may be challenging, but you will eventually recall on your own. It takes time to develop habits!

If you are really interested in accelerating the realignment procedure, you may request Invisalign attachments from your dentist. These are little, spherical pieces of dental bonding that are bonded to your teeth. They are also known as “buttons.” They retain your aligners better and may successfully straighten your bite.

Brush Your Teeth Before Placing Your Whitening Trays

Let’s be honest: this is not truly a hack. However, it is crucial to keep this in mind, since the Invisalign trays will adhere to your teeth. When you reinsert the trays, any food particles, plaque, or other microorganisms that remain on your teeth will remain there for a prolonged time. Flossing may also help remove those annoying bits lodged between your rear teeth. You’ll be glad you followed our advice after you’ve removed the aligners!

Whitening toothpaste is more successful with the usage of Invisalign for people desiring whiter teeth. Frequently, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are left on the teeth after brushing, but they are removed by saliva and other fluids. The Invisalign trays retain the residue in touch with the teeth by capturing it.

Keep A Pocket-Sized Dental Care Kit With You

Since you’ll need to clean your teeth more often than normal, it’s a good idea to include a travel-sized dental kit. Thus, you will not need to hurry back home to clean your teeth before reinserting the trays. Obtain a tiny pack containing a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, chewies, your case, and floss as a precaution. Typically, these travel-sized pouches are accessible at local pharmacies. Find a restroom you can use after breakfast or lunch, and clean your teeth.

When Night Falls, You Should Switch The Aligners

Changing to new aligners should be done just before going to bed whenever you are ready to do so. When the aligner is allowed to remain in place for an extended period without being removed, your teeth will have the highest chance of moving into their new position.

You Should Use A Nail Buffer

If the plastic substance of your trays is starting to irritate your mouth and gums, this simple little gadget may be of great use to you. If the trays have any jagged edges, a nail buffing tool may be used to make them more comfortable to handle. It’s a fantastic trick for getting immediate relief!

Make Use Of The Removal Tool

Considering that we are still discussing nails, you will want to invest in a removal tool if you get manicures regularly or if you just do not want to run the danger of your nails being harmed whenever you have to remove your aligners. It is simply not feasible to remove your trays without using the tips of your nails, which is why we advocate utilising removal tools instead of your nails. You won’t have to go through the torture of sticking your fingers in your mouth if you do it this way.

At All Times, Keep The Case Close At Hand

While dining out with friends, you may find yourself tempted to place your aligners in a napkin. Please refrain from doing so! We often have to replace Invisalign trays that have been misplaced or stolen by a restaurant server. Save money by not having to buy new trays. Keep your case with you at all times. The best way to keep track of your case is to devise a clever memory trick. Putting your phone and keys next to the case is like that. To make your phone’s wallpaper more interesting, consider snapping a photo of your case. Anyone who attempts to glance at your phone will be utterly baffled by this.

Don’t Throw Away Those Old Trays Yet

There is a good chance you’re wondering why you need to hang on to the old dishes when you have a new set. You may lose your new trays if you remove them before eating or brushing your teeth. There is no need to worry if you bring your old trays with you. Until your orthodontist can replace your lost aligner trays, you may always put them back in. The procedure may be postponed since you won’t have to be concerned about your teeth slipping back.


To get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, make sure you follow these pointers. Wearing the trays requires just a little amount of dedication. When you’re done getting them all, you’re going to love your new smile! Restoring your self-confidence in your smile is our goal, Straight teeth are something you want, and our dentist in Banstead will do all in their power to help you get it!