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Mental health problems are being recognized better as the subject is becoming more known to people around the world. Every year, 1 out of 5 people report some mental health problem or other. Even in the growth, mental health recognition demands more clarity as people across the globe suffer from a wide sort of harassment because of the myths around mental health. The best therapists in London state that hundreds of individuals are defamed, discriminated and isolated by their friends and family who fail to identify their mental health issues and need help.

This post is an attempt to educate people about mental health and why people with mental distress need online counselling and cognitive behavioural therapies in London to overcome their challenges with mental health.

Myth 1: Mental illness is a rare problem

No, it is not. The best psychotherapists in London record a high number of patients seeking mental health-related advice and services every year. It is a more common problem than it appears to most of us. Studies show that out of every 5 people 1 is affected with a mental health problem and out of every 25, 1 individual gets diagnosed with a mental health problem that leads to problems hampering life function. Mental health is a common problem that does not consider gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, and/or income levels.

Myth 2: Poor parenting is the most common reason for mental illness

Poor parenting may affect the mental wellness of an individual but it is not the only factor that counts. genetics, environmental factors, trauma, and several other factors can affect mental health and make a person sick.

Myth 3: Personal weaknesses often lead to mental health issues

Just like physical; illness, no one likes to be mentally ill. While personal weakness can make you vulnerable to mental illness, it is often a result of stress, poor lifestyle choices, genetics, environment, and more that people seek private psychotherapy in London and online counselling to overcome mental health-related problems.

Myth 4: Extreme sadness is often interpreted as depression

Depression is a more serious subject than it appears to us. Sadness can be shaken off when the person is treated nicely. However, for depression, one needs to undergo cognitive behavioural therapies in London and take the help of counsellors in London to fight back. A combination of medication and therapy is required to treat depression while sadness is short-lived and does not require treatment.

Myth 5: Most people pretend to have mental health problems

Mental health issues are often confused with one faking it. However, studies show that those who come for help from psychotherapists in London are in real danger of developing life-threatening conditions. While it may appear as if one is faking, mental health issues are often ignored and not expressed.

Myth 6: Medication can treat you, why therapy?

A combination of counselling services in London and medication is required to treat mental illness. The best therapists in London record great success in helping people in distress and recommend those who are suffering to get professional help along with medication from an expert. Mental health problems demand a special approach for every case and only resourceful counselling services paired with medication can prove helpful.

It is high time mental health problems be recognized as mainstream illnesses. You must learn about the subject as much as you can and seek help if you find yourself or someone else in need of Counselling Services by the best psychotherapist in London.

Mental health is crucial and we, at seek a psych offers you a platform, to find the best therapists in London to talk to about your mental health challenges and find the best way to overcome them.